Calcium Lactate Powder, 12 oz (340 g)

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Contents: 12 oz (340 g)
Recommended Serving Size: 1 level tablespoon (10 grams)

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Calcium Lactate

Holistic health suggestions for improved immune system response using Standard Process’ product Calcium Lactate. Available online through

Calcium Lactate Powder supports absorption of calcium and magnesium.*

  • Supports muscle contraction and nerve conduction
  • Supports maintenance and function of cell membranes and membrane permeability
  • Supports blood coagulation
  • Supports proper functioning of enzyme systems
  • Supports and helps maintain healthy bone density and remodeling
  • Highly soluble form of calcium from a nondairy source
  • Contains a 5:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium
  • Provides additional support for the immune system response function*
  • Can be mixed in a supplement shake or added to foods
  • Adequate calcium as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.
  • Magnesium is involved in sleep pathways that support brain homeostatic sleep processes.
  • Excellent source of calcium and magnesium

Suggested Use:

One level tablespoon per day, or as directed. Mixes best with hot, slightly acidic liquids, such as hot apple juice.

Other Ingredients: Calcium lactate and magnesium citrate.
Other Nutrition & Ingredients:

Each Serving Size (1 level tablespoon) contains: Calories 20, Total Carbohydrate 5 g, Calcium 800 mg, Magnesium 160 mg. Ingredients: Calcium lactate and magnesium citrate.

Dietary Restrictions

Please consult the actual product label for the most accurate product information.