Brain Health Supplements for Cognitive Function, Memory & Focus

25 years of clinical practice has continued to remind me that what’s going on between the ears has everything to do with what’s happening in the body below.

Explore our high-quality natural brain health supplements to help increase cognitive function and improve memory, focus, and concentration.

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    Turmeric Forte, 60 Tablets
    Turmeric Forte, 60 Tablets
    Support a healthy inflammatory response
    Neurotrophin PMG®, 90 Tablets
    Neurotrophin PMG®, 90 Tablets
    Provides a unique profile of minerals, and peptides
    Min-Tran®, 180 Tablets
    Bacopa Complex, 60 Tablets
    Bacopa Complex, 60 Tablets
    Ginkgo Synergy®, 40 Capsules
    Ginkgo Synergy®, 40 Capsules

    Common Conditions Suggesting Memory and Focus Imbalance

    ADD/ADHD symptoms
    Inability to focus and concentrate
    Memory and recall difficulty
    Increased anxiety and difficulty around taking exams/giving presentations

    Our minds are very powerful tools but can either work for us or against us, based on their ability to remember, be focused, and function properly.

    These powerful brain health supplements for memory and cognitive function, when taken together, have a synergistic effect of calming the mind (Min-Tran) while at the same time, increasing blood flow to the brain (Ginkgo Synergy). In addition, I have included foundational support for the body and Adrenal System (Daily Fundamentals, Daily Fundamental Adrenal Health) to keep all downstream physical systems calm and strong.

    Holistic care with a focus on the mind. Get calm, focused, and ready to unlock the true power of the mind.

    Dr. Keith on Brain / Memory Health

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