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Welcome to Heart Healthy Homes where healthcare starts in the heart.

A Message From Dr. Keith

At Heart Healthy Homes there is nothing more precious than health, family, freedom, and a place to call home. All are essential for life to be lived to the fullest, and for healthy habits and traditions to be passed down to the next generation.

Heart Healthy Homes mission is to provide Products, Practices, and Plans, to empower our family members to take greater control over their health.

With good mental, emotional, and spiritual health, we have greater freedom. Freedom to live, love, laugh, and lead.

Welcome to our home.

The Standard Process Difference

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Dedicated to changing lives since 1929 through whole food-based nutritional supplements

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Farm fresh ingredients organically grown in the United States

Heart Healthy Homes- created by a holistic practitioner
Created by a Holistic Practitioner

The preferred choice of healthcare practitioners and their patients.

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Dr. Keith Jordan’s interactive online learning platform, The Practice Heals – when entered into with a mind willing to change and a heart open to love – delivers you to a higher plane of consciousness, enlightenment, and healing. It teaches you how to live, heal, and love.

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