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The body is always looking for and killing germs, an essential life-saving function. The immune system is also dealing with allergens, environmental toxins, air-born particles, and the like. Explore our high-quality immune support supplements.

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    Allerplex®, 150 Capsules
    Allerplex®, 150 Capsules
    Immuplex®, 90 Capsules
    Immuplex®, 90 Capsules
    Astragalus Complex, 40 Tablets
    Astragalus Complex, 40 Tablets

    Common Conditions Suggesting Immune System Imbalance

    Get sick easily, i.e., colds, flus, sinus, respiratory
    Seasonal allergies
    Chronic congestion in lungs and sinuses
    Travel a lot
    Work in education or healthcare
    Around people who are sick

    A healthy, balanced, well-armed immune system is crucial to living a long, healthy life and being free of disease.

    The immune system needs to be ready to deal with anything. At the same time, if it becomes overactive and misguided by inflammation, this can lead to a host of other problems called autoimmune diseases.

    The immune support supplements that I have put together for the immune system start with Daily Fundamentals. I then added Fundamental – Adrenal Health support because most times when we get sick, it’s because we are not dealing with stress, or are overtired and our defenses are low. I also included Immuplex as a vital asset, since it supports not only the immune system but the body’s normal inflammatory response, which, when not balanced, can distract and weaken the immune system’s response to disease. As well, Immuplex is a blood-builder, helping eliminate anemia (low red blood cell counts) that lower the body’s ability to fight disease. Finally, Immuplex maintains healthy white blood cell activity. The white blood cells are the assassins, the killers of disease – we need them on their game and ready to go at all times. You want to win the fight against disease so you stay strong, calm, and ready to attack.

    This protocol does that.

    I have also added optional products based on your personal situation:

    Allerplex to support a healthy response to environmental allergens and allergy season issues that weaken immune system function.

    Congaplex as an immediate, short-term immune system booster, to be used at first sign of anything trying to take you down.

    When it comes to disease, be at peace, but fight back! It’s your body, it’s your life, own it, protect it – your life depends on it.

    Dr. Keith on Immune System Health

    Unsure where to start?

    To begin your healing process, you must identify the greatest area of need.

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