Holistic Healing Assessment

Assessment Directions

To begin your healing process, you must identify the greatest area of need. You do this by taking yourself through the Holistic Healing Assessment. Go through each Category of Care, read the Indicators where healing is needed, score them from 1 – 3.

  1. – being “never me”
  2. – being “me sometimes”
  3. – being “totally me”

After you are done with all categories, begin your healing with the category that has the highest total numbers and that you intuitively identify with the most. Remember to write that number down, or take a screenshot of your total scores from your assessment page, so you can compare scores after.

Follow the self-care instructions for adults 18 years of age or older (minors should be treated under parents’ supervision or with the help of a qualified Standard Process practitioner in your area). These providers can be found on the Standard Process website.

Follow the Category of Care protocol for 30 days. In addition, eliminate refined sugars, flour, and alcohol from your diet. Exercise for 20 minutes daily. And most importantly, include the teachings of The Practice by receiving the gift of The Practice Heals.

After 30 days, retake the Holistic Healing Assessment for that Category of Care and compare the number with the number you wrote down prior. If the number is lower, continue care for another 30 days or until the numbers are all 1’s. Then finish products for that Category of Care and retake the entire Holistic Healing Assessment and repeat the process.

If after 30 days you see no improvement in your scores, use up the products, look to the next Category of Care you scored highest in and begin that category for 30 days. In addition, look for a local Standard Process provider to assist you in your healing process.

Score all of the following from 1-3:

  1. – being “never me”
  2. – being “me sometimes”
  3. – being “totally me”

    1. Male Hormonal Balance
    2. Female Hormonal Balance
    3. Energy and Adaption
    4. Memory and Focus
    1. Digestion and Food Cravings
    2. Protection and Immunity
    3. Recovery and Regeneration
    4. Detoxification
    1. Joint Pain and Inflammation
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